måndag 10 januari 2011

Anyone for a beer?

Found these very small beer tankards (is that correct?) in my little collection of stuff in the cellar. From Prince August's Mithril range, think the set was called At The Prancing Pony or something like that. You got chairs, tables, plates, tankards, candles and barrels and maybe more that I lost and forgot. Found out that they are to small to hold with the fingers while painting so I had to glue them on something. And it was beer in those bottles that the caps was on.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The Prancing Pony? Isn't that from Lord of the Rings? :D

    Nice stuff, really helps to liven up dioramas.

  2. The prancing pony ....yep.. LOTR. :-)and tankards is correct.
    What will you do with them?

  3. Checked up Mithril-stuff called At The Prancing Pony and it looked like this is still available. All of Prince August's Mithril Range is Tolkien-inspired stuff. These are from the accessories-set. I can say it here, there is no competition these go to. I thought that it looked cold and lonely for poor T.D. so I am going to put him in a restaurant with a couple of guests. :-D