måndag 24 oktober 2011

A bit more crowded

Worked a little more on my dio. When it's finished it will look something like this. The officer is NOT shooting the fleeing Airfix-trooper.

Still waiting for my indians. When I add them it will be even more crowded. :-D

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  1. The only survivor of the 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn was Captain Keough's horse, Comanche, who lived for years afterward. Keough didn't make it himself.

    There is a novel and Dustin Hoffman film, Little Big Man, with a different take on that topic, well worth watching if you can find it. The novel is even harder to find, but strong in its own way, like the book usually can be.

  2. My interest for Little Big Horn started when I was about ten (mid 70s) and saw a movie with Eroll Flynn (I think, though it could have been another movie about that battle), don't remember that much of it, but got hooked. Seen Little Big Man a couple of times and just now started reading The Last Stand by Nathaniel Philbrick. Read Osprey's book on the battle a couple of times. Maybe I try to dig up the book Little Big Man (there really was a warrior with that name who fought at the battle).

  3. Checked the book and it is republished and even translated to Swedish 2010. Prefer the English version (also easy to buy), so that could be a buy in the future. Thanks. :-D