måndag 12 november 2012

A new try on me and last pic of the river before D-Day

I am a little figure in Valdemar's set Pilgrims II. It is very fun to be that, but the problem is to paint me. Paul (at Paul's Bods) has done a very nice version of me and have tried myself, but I have not been very happy with my version of me. The beard looked wrong so now I took it off (in real life I'm considering asking ZZ Top if they could need a half decent rhythm guitarist). Bad pic, sorry.

And this is the last pic of the river before I pour water in it! D-Day could mean Disaster-Day, but we will see. The monk is not meant to be there. The stones get stuck in the wheels of the missus electric wheelchair and come lose on the kitchen floor where I step on them. But now I've found a use for them. :-D

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