måndag 6 maj 2013

The Poo Song

Looked at the car this morning and came up with a song. If you want to use it, it's totally free!

Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I don't like that pidgeon poo
Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I don't like that pidgeon poo

It's on the car, it's in my hair
It's on my clothes, it's everywhere

Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I just hate that pidgeon poo
Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, maybe I'll make some pidgeon stew

That's it! It can be longer. You can change to other animals and make a very long song about different animals poo, but the above is enough for me. :-D

3 kommentarer:

  1. hahahahahaha, oh that's great. oh dear... have you lost it completely? you should be careful, especially when you said on Benno's that there is people dressed in white coats out to get you. don't want any of them looking for you.

    good song, not that many pigeons here except for the Native Kereru, which is a Huge, beautiful wood pigeon that is not to0 common and really looks to pretty to get called a lowly pigeon, well I guess if it decided to poo on you you'd be in serious trouble.

  2. Nice song !!!
    but don't ask me to make another part in english, it's too difficult ....

    (and the music ????????)

  3. Thanks! :-D Well, no, I haven't lost it, I just let it go a little! :-D Next time I'll show more work on my Texans. The music is up to anyone. :-D