måndag 24 juni 2013

Mr Baseman

No, this is not going to be a description of my relationship with the bass-guitars I've used, I just didn't want to resist the pun. :-D This is only about bases (almost). I am working on three bases right now. One is actually finished, but there are no pics yet.

Base one is for a little series of dioramas I call "The Magic Lute". Part two is actually published and called "Party in the woods". This base is part one and I think I going to call it "In the woods I went a-wandering one April afternoon".

Not much of a forest yet. :-/ But I'm working on it. :-D  The next base is for part three, the final part of the series I think. It's going to be a field and a forest. As you can see there is A LOT more to do and it will take some time to finish the field. No title yet.

The third base is already shown here and I have added the figures, but I haven't taken pics of the finished dio yet. I think I will call this "Deep in the heart of Texas" after a song by Dave Edmunds pianoplayer Geraint Watkins, but if you have a better suggestion you are welcome.

And last, but not least Amled from Almelo! A collecable figure from an event for small guys called FIGZ. Haven't decided how to paint him yet.

Ah, yes! There is of course a song too! Mr Bassman!

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  1. Didn't have time for a comment, sorry!

    You can say "Hey guys: I'm Mister Baseman!!"
    Always good bases and nice ideas for your dios.
    I'm waiting for the following steps!

    1. :-D Thanks! I think I will take your description of this dio and call it a great disorder! :-D