tisdag 26 augusti 2014

Old stuff

Hi again! Dug out some old stuff. Haven't painted these figures myself, but I like them. They are pretty old now and a little worn.

First Aristocats. Think I've got all in this little series.

Then Lucky Luke. Lucky himself disappeared sometime (I think his legs was too fragile and got lost or something), but I think I've got the rest of the figures.

And then Tintin. Maybe there were more in this series, but these are the important ones.

Yes, I still got Snowy (Milou). He was lost for a while, but I found him again. Got more Disney-figures, but they will have to rest awhile.

2 kommentarer:

  1. nice figures ! do you know the manufacturer ?

    1. Actually no idea who made these. Bought sometime early 70s, mid 70s. .... Okay, did a little search only found unpainted versions of the Lucky Luke figures, but it seems they were made by Dargaud, which i spretty likely, Some company called Heimo made Aristocats, and last Tintin also Heimo. Hmmm, did a new search on Lucky Luke and they were also done by Heimo. So all of these differrent figures were made by Heimo.