måndag 20 juni 2011

Been working again!

Thanks to Paul I've got a very easy way to make bases.

First, the sand:

Then, the wood glue (or the Swedish equivalent "Trälim" :-D) :

Something to mix in (this is an after-pic):

And put them all together:

Hmmm, strange. It didn't work.

Just kidding. Not plain enough I thought at first.

But with houses and figures and stuff:

Now I just have to finish painting the last five figures and some other stuff, chop off the bases of the figures already painted and paint boots, feet and hooves. Figure out why he fell down the stairs (probably through a poll at Bennos) and then it is finished.

But Valter thought I could rather play with him. Which I did. :-D

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice work Gunnar!
    One thing maybe, next time put some painting tape on the border before you put in the mix. It keeps it clean. ;-)


  2. Paul? Which paul? Moi?? :-D
    Peter´s right...a bit of masking tape...or...for round areas...a curved frame...a surface of vaseline...it rubs off with kitchen towel and leaves a lovely shine :-D

    You nearly got me there with the "strange..it didn´t work"
    Looking good mate..

  3. I see a couple dogs on there. Was that Valter's idea? Still laughing from his movies I saw.

  4. Thanks! Will try to remember the tape the next time. The dogs? Not Valter's idea. Could've been, but that Italeri officer looks like he's got something in that bag of his, why not dog treats. With that face it must be something kind! :-D