torsdag 30 juni 2011

Bases off!

Yesterday I managed to cut the bases from the figures. All survived the experience, even the Airfix squaw (at over 40 years old she's got the right to be a little fragile).

When I painted the base-less horses I glued them on a bottle cap with wood-glue, but here a disaster happened. Some of the old Italeri sets are very fragile and one of the horses broke a leg. What to do now? Get another horse or use the ones I've got and pretend nothing happened? I think I'll try to hide the injury and pretend nothing's happened. And the horse? Well, he's a good horse and I think he'll get over it. :-D

2 kommentarer:

  1. Use some super glue Gunnar for that horse leg. If I want to use my figures for a dio, I unbase them before painting. Works much better and you don't have to re-arrange things after cutting them of the base.
    But never the less, well done ;-)


  2. I always heard that the dead horses go to the glue factory. Now this is a new twist on that idea.