måndag 8 augusti 2011

Welcome to Suso-Frick Junction!

And a little more. At last finished the base for my little and very old "Out Shopping"-dio. Sorry, Peter, the ******* wagon isn't finished yet. Have the means, all I need now is time and courage. But in the mean-time I've finished A LOT of figures for this base. I put them on transparent plastic so I can change the scene if I want to.

I also put a little poll at Benno's just for fun. And I found these little gems (Preiser, so they are a little to small) in the collection. Totally forgot all about them, only add some wash and change base and they're ready to go.

What else did I do on my vacation? Picked chanterelles. Yes, everyday. The missus loves them and she can't get very far in the forest with her wheelchair so I pick them. And we eat them. First fry them with some onion and then add cream and make a sauce of it. Yummy!

And the guilty part! Oops!

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  1. The rickety stairs on the red building look scary, and the yellow-shirt cowgirl does also at least to me because I've known some unpleasant girls with that look before.

    Here some mushrooms came up quickly on some humid mornings, but they did not look like the good ones.

    I would be frustrated by being stuck in a wheelchair but luckily had an OBE that showed me that there's no need for legs in that form, if you're in that form of course, and one gets around as easily as in dreams, without wheels or feet being needed.

    It gave a small but real sense of hope and cheer. I cannot believe that I was dead when I did it, because I snapped right back a couple minutes later and went on to work.