måndag 16 april 2012

Furniture and part of a dancing troup

Managed to do a little work on some of the furniture I bought from Fredericus Rex. Very nice and being made of balsawood they don't weigh anything at all (well, if you are 20-25 mm tall they probably weigh a lot). Very nice furniture, but it easier to work with metal furniture. They are not finsihed yet. Our old friend Galant George shows the furniture and a carpet from Crazy Cavan's Carpets.

Galant George also trains the dancetroup Trolls on Feet. They will probably join up with The SilverSinger in the future.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice furnitures!!
    They are not painted?
    I like the Trolls! which set ?

  2. all very nice. they look good even without paint. maybe give them a bit of a wash instead of paint. stain the wood not paint it

  3. Thanks! Did paint the furniture with GW Desert Yellow, but a wash is a good idea that I will try and maybe some funnier colour too :-D. The trolls are Prince August orcs that I casted many years ago. Still have the molds in the cellar. Painted as trolls with that same GW Desert Yellow.