måndag 23 april 2012

Hobbits and more!

Found some hobbits in the cellar. All of them from Prince August's Mithril range. Didn't like them that much at the time (late 80s, early 90s), but now I think they are quite nice. Threw in some ents, Beorn and a scouting dwarf too.

And a huorn too.

Also found some figures for a scene from The Prancing Pony at Bree. Crappy pictures, sorry. Just a temporary scene, don't know if I build it again.

Some of the followers said that I hadn't paint the furniture so I painted a chest. It was very fun and I think it turned out quite good. Even the missus liked it. :-D

And a table in metal (from the Valdemar set Life in a Teutonic Monastery). Very nice, too.

And I can highly recommend that chest from Fredericus Rex. It was great fun to paint and build. No wash! First one layer of GW Desert Yellow, the GW Scab Red and last GW Snot Green. The flowers are handpainted and small, so I had to guess where to put the brush (well, at least almost). :-D

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice Hobbits and other LoTR figures!!
    I like the scene from The Prancing Pony at Bree !
    If you don't know what to do with that.... send me the range and I think that I could do something!!

    Nice furnitures too!
    and the carpets and tapestries are perfect!

  2. Thanks! Well, one way to use them is making temporary scenes and show pics here. :-D Would be fun to see what you could do with them, but I can unfortunately not afford the postage. ;-D

  3. all very nice. I like this alot, if only I was not so tired I could see these pics better

  4. Looks all real nice Gunnar.

    I must have a look at that "The Prancing Pony". I live just 15 km away from Bree! :-D