måndag 14 maj 2012

Italeri's Country House with Porch

Been working a little on Italeri's Country House with porch. Couldn't decide on a colour on the house so I painted just as the box. Next house (only got two of them) could be read or yellow. :-D It is a pretty nice kit. Nothing of this is finished yet!

But if you want rooms you have to make the inner walls by yourself. But they won't be seen from the outside if you have the roof on so why bother. I painted the inside of the walls as if there were at least two rooms on the upper floor.

The kit got some smaller parts and they come in a bag. If they were on a sprue they would be much easier to paint, but no! That is what I don't like about this kit. Will probably use it in some dios.

When it is finished, that is. With all those small parts to paint it can take a while.

5 kommentarer:

  1. It seems to be a nice building!
    what's the small parts? tables and benches ?

  2. The small parts are a chimney, a stove?, doors, window shutters and ledges to windows and doors. If it only had been tables and benches. But these we have to buy from Fredericus Rex or Valdemar. Just wish that Conny could make a bed too.

  3. It looks good Gunnar! Nice colors. The roof is a bit to red for my taste, but maybe a drybrush with a sand color could fix that.
    A bed? Have a look here Gunnar: http://www.unicornmodels.be/shop/index.php?cPath=33_67


  4. good roof so far but peter is right. base red then do sand or terracota bry brush

  5. Can only agree, the roof is too red. Plan on giving it a wash with Gryphone Sepia, then some of the red wouldn't be as red any more. :-D Huge thanks for the beds, Peter. But I still think it could be a good idea for Conny to make a bed too, the other furniture he makes is so nice.