onsdag 23 maj 2012

Father Brown

This chap was totally chopped up in a duel at Benno's recently. I had a very nice duel with Pascal http://samsminisworld.blogspot.se/ and lost. Huge thanks for a very fun and nice duel! His woodman is very good work and he really deserved to win this duel. I named my figure Father Brown after G. K. Chesterton's crime novels. Figure is from Valdemar's Life In A Teutonic Monastery-set, walls are from Prince August's Fantasy Build-moulds and the base is ... here comes the SECRET: Susofrick Junction! But without the houses! :-D So I could use the same base in two duels, winning one and losing the other! :-D Here are the un-edited pics of Father Brown:

And here is a link to Susofrick Junction where you can see the base in another setting:


And here I also use the same base: :-D


Will use the base for more pics, but I plan to make more bases so I can get a little variety. I don't have that much space for dios or vignettes and this way I can use the same base for many many many dios. :-D If I just edit them a little. Maybe cheating, but I didn't have a chance to win so I can't think anyone will call it cheating. (I hope).

And here is what I wrote about Prince August's Fantasy Build:



Unfortunately I don't think you can find these moulds anywhere cheap. I bought mine late 80s and I haven't seen them since then in any shop.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice figure, Gunnar!
    For my own I prefer the closer pics you used for the duel! The light is very good on them!
    You MUST post them here!!!
    and thanks for this nice duel: it push me forwards, because I'd difficulties to choose the figure!
    Ready for another one???

  2. I know the feeling of loosing duels mate, great job.

  3. nice figure. and you tried your best. better luck next time.