tisdag 22 maj 2012

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I am a terrible reader. I start a book, take a break, start another, take a break, start a third, take a break, back to the first or second, take a break start a fourth and so on. Right now I've got six books going on at the same time (and I only read at lunch or at the loo, and that's just as well. That would be too many books at the same time). So I thought I could write a little about them here. The first one is a collection of short stories so that is easy to read, The Second Pan Book of Horror Stories compiled by Herbert van Thal. Many of the stories have dated badly, but some are pretty good. Second is a crime novel by the Norwegian author Unni Lindell, Ormbäraren (Snakebearer). Pretty good, but probably not issued outside of Scandinavia. Third is Waterloo by Swedish author Michael Tamelander. Since most of the facts in it is available elsewhere it is only published in Swedish. The fourth book I'm reading is a compilation of letters, and memories written by common people during WWI. How they saw at the war and what happened. This is compiled by Swedish Historian Peter Englund (secretary in the Nobel Prize commitee). And I'm still reading George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. I've reached part 5, Dance With Dragons. Have to go slowly with that one so he can finish the next. Also read Bernad Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles. Latest published part there too, but that is easier to catch up on so that one I can finish whenever I like too. Since music is a huge interest I read some music magazines too. ClassicRock, UnCut and Mojo are pretty frequently read, but also started to read a Swedish music magazine called Nostalgia Rock'n'Roll. Ordered some books for the Summer so if don't finish any of these there will be more books currently reading.

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