måndag 6 augusti 2012

Party in the woods - finished!

First (but last since I edit this in after the first comments) welcome Ben and Alfons!

Didn't do much in the hobby during the summer, but I finished my little Party in the woods-dio. Figures are from Valdemar, Airfix, Zvezda, Strelets, Prince August and Hat. Stones are from the local dogwalk and trees are from Heki or Pola or something like that.

Someone at Bennos (Ender Durman, I think) wanted me to add some nappies and at first I thought "Naah, not nappies" but I did add two. :-D

A bit of a problem here, how do I reach the cookies???

And another, more fun, but still a, problem! I got a horse leftover! Not much of a dancer, more jumper (a bit like myself actually, the most serious dancesteps I ever learned was The Pogo). Now I need a rider (already have an idea for a base).

8 kommentarer:

  1. Nice little dio.and your painting looks good..you get better..the two napoleonics..the lines are very good.
    The cookies are called Jammy Dodgers in english...why I do not know. Maybe..when you have eaten the all, that´s if the orcs let you, you could make some caves underneath.

  2. Thanks! I don't think the orcs will let me make caves, but it is a very tempting idea! :-D The nappies are just there for the fun of it. Painted a long time ago and stored in a box since then. Plan to do a little more serious thing with dancing nappies though. :-D

  3. Neat diorama Gunnar. Very original. The peacefulness of it is quite refreshing!

  4. WOW the colour, the life, the nappies????? great work all the same well done!

  5. This is very inspirational to me Gunnar! I really like what you have done here!

    I can really feel like "I am there" in this nice diorama.

    Great work.

  6. Really wonderfull work Gunnar!