måndag 29 oktober 2012


This is the river as it looks now, without the water. Not very convincing. And that ***** tree doesn't make anything better. Will put some bushes on the dio instead and maybe take a better tree somewhere else on it. Pretty big dio for just three figures, but I think I will make them moveable so I can use the base for more dios if it goes well with the water.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward how it will look like when you added the water!


  2. Looks good Gunnar! you're right: a big base for only 3 figures, it's frustrating, so it's a good idea to use it like scenery for other works!
    I'm looking forward for the water.

    (and yes, try to find a better tree....)

  3. looking good so far cannot wait for more :-)

  4. It looks pretty convincing to me. In our rivers we look for where a tree branch goes right in the water, as that would be a good way to catch bluegills.

  5. Thanks for the comments. I hope I can finish this before Christmas. :-D