tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Two bathers (mild nudity!)

Have painting very little lately. But I am painting two of Alex' bathers and two horses. The horses will hopefully be used in my planned story about a magic lute, but there is a long way to go and many many figures to buy and paint and at least three bases more before I can tell the story. Oh, and I have to write it too. The bathers I think I'm going to use in something that I call "The feverish dreams of brother Ottar". Name can change and it is a long way to go there to. Picture is taken with the cellphone, sorry for the blurry pic. First the decent picture:

And then the whole nudity! They are wonderful figures, but I don't know if the girl really is in the set. She wasn't on PSR so maybe Valdemar skipped her in the final set.

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  1. :-D They look good. How did you get the girl fig..she wasn´t with the set I got and apparently wasn´t included.

    1. Thanks! I got the bathers set as a gift from Alex. Maybe it was an early version of the set and she was let out in later versions. They are sculpted to walk hand in hand and really wonderful. If you want one maybe Alex can help. They are very cute.

  2. You could also try a forced conversion, on a prisoner--the Anne Rice novel with the Italian singers (castrati) had a horrible scene like that.

  3. nice painted figures!
    with the coat of paint they don't look so nude in fact...

    It seems that you have a GREAT project!!
    I often think that it would be fine to have one, and I've sometimes some ideas but nothing really clear yet....

    I hope that you will realize your dream!

  4. Cool, next job is making the clothes?


  5. Remco is joking again! That's the last he wants to see! :-D

    Great painted figures and a great gift of Alex!


  6. Thanks for the comments. Won't make any clothes, just look the other way. :-D I also hope I can finish this little project. :-D