onsdag 16 januari 2013

Some more Mithril

Friend Pascal put up some wonderful pics of the Mithril version of Galadriel. That got me inspired to dig up some more Mithril figures. Most are still in the basement and some of these I dug up are only half sets, the other half still in the basement. I never intended to paint these figures as Tolkien-characters! My idea was to tell stories with these. A project that didn't happen, more than I painted a lot of Mithril figures in the "wrong" colours, came up with a lot of small stories and a lot of names for things, places and persons. Sins long ago. These were painted late 80s early 90s!

M1 Galadriel. Just as a blonde woman. No washes or effects.

Another view:

M51 Wolf Rider with Horn & Scimitar. Forgot to bring the rider so it is just the wolf.

M132 Bard of Laketown. His hand with the bow is somewhere. After so many years the wound should be healed.

M155 Thorin Oakenshield. Like this one!

M161 Dis (dwarf maiden). Not often we see these. Nice figure.

M169 Wight of Tughaib. A ghost with a big sword. Tried to give him a mask.

M172 Lesser Ghost of the Under-deeps. Another ghost.

M202 Ioreth the healer. Also a nice figure. Think I have two copies of this one.

M203 Townfolk. Discovered that there should be two figures. Well, the other one is still in the basement. Have two copies of this set. Both painted!

M205 Galadriel enthroned. I like the sets where you got a little extra. First I thought that the throne could be the one behind Denethor, but it was the right one!

M217 Thingol of Doriath. Don't remember where he show up in the books. There were a lot of figures from Silmarillion.

The last one is not Mithril at all, but a figure from Prince August's fantasy range. A bearded warrior.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love them all !
    maybe Galadriel enthroned is my preferred one and ... I don't have her!
    Thingol is an elf of the 2nd Age, it seems that a bad story between him and the Dwarves for a silmaril is the origin of the animosity between both races....
    Townfolk ?? 2 sets ??? wow! lucky man !
    Thanks for sharing with us (me!)

  2. Thanks for the answer about Thingol. I've read Silmarilion, but it is more than 25 years ago. And I found it quite boring with a lot of names. Yes, Pascal! I hold you responsible for my digging up these old figures! It is great fun revisiting them even if I only can take pics of a few at the same time. The missus would go nuts if she knew what's in those shoeboxes in the cellar. :-D And make me repaint them instead of buying new stuff.

  3. Not difficult to find an information about LoTR or the Hobbit:
    a little search in Wikipedia! I can't remember ALL !!

  4. Didn't thought of that. Ooops! And I search the Internet for information everyday as my work. An even bigger ooops! Thanks for Thinghol anyway! Who knows what I dig up the next time. :-D

  5. As said in "newer post", I like them! Nice sculpts and very good painted Gunnar!


  6. Thanks Peter! Old paintings never die, they just come up to the ground to haunt you! :-D Or something like that.