tisdag 23 november 2010

Being stupid!

More stupid than usual. The missus sasid I was crazy and had a good laugh when I told her what I've done. What did I do? I contacted the Russian sculptor Alex (at Bennosfigures (hmmm, are there readers here that haven't heard of Benno's? Don't think so.) and asked if he wanted pictures to use. The answer was that he already had an idea (it sounded very good) (I've posted some various pics of myself at Benno's) and didn't need any pics. So I gave him free hands to do what he wanted to do. :-D We will see if there is some result from this.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Did we miss something? :)

    What is he sculpting for you?

    (I aksed him once to sculpt something for me, he send me pics of the result, I asked him to make some minor changes and never heard from him again...)

  2. Just saw Paul as a troubadur and thought it would be cool to be sculpted in 1:72. No order or anything. He is free to do what he want.

  3. :-) :-) It´s not being stupid at all mate...a great idea. Wait until you see yourself reproduced as a medieval bod...I keep smiling everytime I look at them...:-) I did the same, gave Alex free hand to come up with what he wanted..and I was impressed with his choice not only for me but my whole family...yes, the children are mine and the tamborine player is my wife, she is very happy with being made slim :-)
    I can´t wait to see what he makes you into

  4. Your getting popular in 1/72 mate.Remember that cowboy I painted of your avatar a long time back?
    Great idea to get Alex to do it,look forward to seeing it.