torsdag 4 november 2010

Prince August's Napoleonics

Many many many years ago (middle 1980s) I bought some of Prince August's Napoleonic moulds. Prussian infantry and French artillery. A little stiff poses, but you can make how many you want. These are the ones I painted (have maybe ten unpainted too).

5 kommentarer:

  1. Aren´t the molds now colectors items???
    The poses of the gun team don´t look too bad...
    Nice painting

  2. The gun crew look good mate,and the flag is cool.

  3. No collectors item. Still available at Prince August's homepage. Saw one of french moulds at the local toy-shop today. Thanks! The flag comes with the moulds.

  4. Mould? So you have to cast them yourself?

  5. Yup, casting is selfmade. And pretty boring range. All the countries have the same six poses. I am a little temted to try Italeri's oversized Prussians with these. Just have to buy them first.