måndag 22 november 2010

Wash & Go

Never thought I would get anything painted this weekend. Friday evening the missus was unwell (when you can't walk there are other bodyfunctions that doesn't work properly either). Saturday was a little bit better, but she was tired. Sunday I suggested that we buy some Asian food (you get so much it last for days), and I got some painting done. Now it's just washes on the ACWs and building a base for them. (And I'm still working on my blond Bavarian). Looks like I'm being able to join the Xmas-competition and started working on the Valentine-competition too (just out of pic).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry to hear about your wife. I send her my best wishes.
    Good to see the airfiy bods in there...and I´m trying to look around the edge of the screen to se what you are doing for the comp;-)

  2. Same, best wishes for your wife.

    On the subject of painting, I don't think I have ever seen you use washes before. Trying something new here?


  3. Thanks! The entries are to the left (if that is to much information they are on the right). I've been using washes for a while now, but maybe I'm not very good at it. All the figs I've painted for the last 6 months have been washed, but maybe not well enough. Will have to look at it for these fellas.

  4. Hope your wife is better soon mate.

    Maybe you need to add a bit more wash, put it on a bit thicker.Try painting the base colour a bit lighter than normal so the wash would stand out more,that how I use it.