onsdag 7 mars 2012

Just a little walk

Took some pics during the dog-walk. Sometimes we go something like this, sometimes we go differently. There are many alternatives, which is very good. But often when me and Valter are out it is dark so then we go a more lighted route. And if the missus joins us it must be another route (this forest is no good for a wheelchair, but we have a forest that works with a wheelchair too.

Upper part of our little creek. No fish in it, don't know why. But it is fresh water since wild animals drink from it. And dogs too. Noone has become sick (wouldn't try to drink it myself though).

Blurry pic. Sorry. Had my cell-phone in one hand and Valter in the other and he pulled when I took the pic.

Lower part of the creek. A trash-can someone thrown in the creek.

Valter on an icy part of the path.

A funny-looking tree. A little bit to the left some homeless people had built a hut. But they were not in when we passed. They usually go away when they hear someone approaching.

Another funny-looking tree. The strange thing on the tree you can carve a nice bowl from.

Valter on the top of our ski slope. We came from the backside and it is not as steep as the front.

Valter found a glove. My left hand felt a little cold. :-D

And home. 90 minutes walking in nice nature and nice weather. But no painting. :-(  Won't try. :-D By the way, our balcony is on the second floor on the left. It is Valter's favourite place and he gets quite upset if the door is closed, even when he is on the inside. Can be pretty cold after a while.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, interesting photos. I really like this.:)
    Greetings, Kirill.

  2. Nice photos. I'll take some of my dog walk next time I go out. All you have to do to see them is to go to my Projects and crazy ideas blog. I'll try and give you the URL once I make the post

  3. Thanks Kirill and Gowan. My first idea for this blog was just showing 1/72-projects that I work on, but that changed and now anything can happen here. Absolutely anything. Would be nice to see your dog-walk, Gowan.

  4. Looks a nice place to go for a walk mate.

  5. Thanks for sharing this nice pictures with us. Lovely country!