tisdag 6 mars 2012

The Magic Lute's Dancing Troupe and a little bit more

Here are some of the figures I hope to use in my future project "The Magic Lute". Need more figures and need to finish a story behind it all.

And two more figures. To good camera for this painting :-(

But the front of the chest on the dog am I quite happy with. Below you can see what I was aiming for.

4 kommentarer:

  1. looks very "strange"! the warriors, the musician, the monsters.... !!!!!!!!!!
    I love your dog, Gunnar!

  2. cu cirus music!

    Very cool. I imagin that that is a smaller more wealthy verion of you with the smaller wealthier version of your dog! :-D

  3. There will be a story that explains the dancers (I sincerely hope). But me and my dog (Yes, Gowan, that really is us :-D) won't be part of it. The musician will probably be on his own. At least for a while.

  4. Poor Paul, on his own :-D Looking forward to what you will make of it.