torsdag 29 mars 2012

More Mithril

I freed some more Mithril figs from their prison in the dungeon. Just temporarily, they'll go down there again. First we have Mirkwood Spider (thought I had Shelob, but I don't) served by Nob (or Hob) and Barliman Butterbur. I know that the hobbit shouldn't be blonde, but it gives a little variety.

The first Mithril figures I bought were the Rohirrim, the horse-lords of Rohan. The bow is broken, the swords don't fit the hands very well and the riders tend to fall off the horses.

More broken figs. Gwaihir (?) with Balin (?) and Bilbo. The lost wing is still in the shoebox where I stored these figures, I was too lazy to put it back on right now.

A dwarf on a pony and Beorn. Don't have Beorn as a bear. :-(

A reading dwarf. Maybe he is meant to be a magician, don't remember.

Two trolls. Fighting over something.

And the rest of my ent collection. Maybe I can use these and the trolls in other settings. :-D

Yesterday I found the first tic for the season. A big fat, but empty, female crawling on my new-washed foot. She died. So now we have to search Valter every day or put on some anti-tic-stuff (poison, which we don't like to use on him). I'd rather have vipers than tics. Vipers you just stomp in the ground or walk a little hard and they disappear, tics you can't avoid that easy. They say that this Winter was hard for the tics, can only hope that it's true. They also say that this weekend is going to be cold. I can take cold for one weekend, at least down to -10 C if it just kill those ****** tics!

3 kommentarer:

  1. That's a very nice collection you have. Beautifull figures!


  2. cool. I'll be back to have another closer look at these later

  3. Thanks! I keep hoping that I someday can take a photo of the whole Mithril-collection, but it have to wait. :-(