måndag 4 april 2011

A little more :-D

And a smiley, yes! Maybe going to be more positive in this blog, surely hope so. Welcome to Peter. And I've been very bad at welcoming my first followers (sorry for that and you gave me support when I needed it!) and I hope you won't be reading anything negative here again (I just had to let it out somewhere). Been painting my yellow troup a little more and starting to get some kind of order to it. Some of their enemys have already been showed here, but there will be more. Gaaah!!! It is enemies!!! Those that's not shown before are only primed just now so no use in showing a coupel of black and white figs. The cake that the cavalry are running away from is very good by the way, they should turn around! :-D

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hurrah!!!!! That´s the spirit mate :-D
    Good to see you back at it.
    The yellow bods look great, you´ve got the yellow done really well,

  2. Thanks for the welcome Gunnar! And I'm also pleased your painting your figures again ;-)
    But a black Flemish lion would have been better on that yellow :-D
    Great painted mate :-D

  3. Thanks for the welcome back. Peter. How am I supposed to paint a black lion??? Nah, just kidding. These are Swedes from the Ving-family and their Coat-of-Arms looked something like this. By the way, I painted a dragon on their socks, but it is not visible. ;-D