torsdag 14 april 2011

More else stuff

A little more preview of my entry for the 20th Painting Competition. Well, since the competition is finished and won with a great entry from "The Observer" a long time ago there can't be any problems for me showing what would have been my entry if I've managed to finish in time. As it were only the figs were painted at the deadline. Changed a horse (unpainted yet) and added a drunk (must repaint) since then. Still haven't decided how I'll make the ground. Plaster as usual or sand or.... ? No problem, someday it maybe will be finished. Ah, and the commandos, won't use both and the one I use will carry a box or something.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Use some woodfiller with sand Gunnar. I like to see this one finished ;-)


  2. Woodfiller with sand? Okay. Thanks. Will take some time. The stable is harder than I thought. Well, I too want to see it finished. It will be my most complex dio ever. Houses, trees, grass, sand, people, animals, you name it. Well, maybe not everything. :-D