tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Washing the kids

I hope that Mr. Preiser don't mind that I wash his children after I've painted them.

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

A duel???

Starting to feel ready for a duel again, but unfortunately I have to cheat a little as usual and finish my entry before the duel is started. :-( I can't keep a deadline as it is right now (the normal life takes a little too much time and energy for that) so cheating a little and start with a finished entry is what I can do. And hope it's not a big problem for the others. Haven't started painting my entry yet so there's plenty of time before I say something at Benno's. If there's no duel, maybe it can be a painting-competition-entry, but that's not as fun. :-D

tisdag 16 augusti 2011

Working working working

Don't have any children of my own so I pain't Mr Preiser's. Hope he don't mind. When I've finished these I have to take a little break from Suso-Frick Junction and paint something totally different. I also feel that 1:87 is really too small for me and children in 1:87 is even smaller. But it's not the last you see of Suso-Frick Junction! I found many painted figures that just need a little brushing up and a base of clear plastic (instead of white cardboard) to be ready to go into action.

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Jolly Bob

This is my first attempt at painting a tartan and it didn't turn out that well. At first I was going to call him Aberdeen Angus, a good name and a good wine (from Argentina of all places), but his tartan was too bad. In stead I call him Jolly Bob after a very old Swedish song about the sailor Jolly Bob from Aberdeen. In real life he is from Strelets' Medieval Britain-set, so he is British with a lot of Russian in him.

And Molly and Sally don't have a history at all. Just two Preiser girls from one of their sets called something with 1900 in the title. Preiser's idea was probably a beach scene.

And that poor fellow (I'm going to call him Averell I think) is an ESCI ACW Union casualty. One of the very few they ever made.

And the house? Made from cardboard and I'm not very good at this, but I try and I have fun. :-D And the house is from this book (still available):

måndag 8 augusti 2011

Welcome to Suso-Frick Junction!

And a little more. At last finished the base for my little and very old "Out Shopping"-dio. Sorry, Peter, the ******* wagon isn't finished yet. Have the means, all I need now is time and courage. But in the mean-time I've finished A LOT of figures for this base. I put them on transparent plastic so I can change the scene if I want to.

I also put a little poll at Benno's just for fun. And I found these little gems (Preiser, so they are a little to small) in the collection. Totally forgot all about them, only add some wash and change base and they're ready to go.

What else did I do on my vacation? Picked chanterelles. Yes, everyday. The missus loves them and she can't get very far in the forest with her wheelchair so I pick them. And we eat them. First fry them with some onion and then add cream and make a sauce of it. Yummy!

And the guilty part! Oops!