måndag 14 oktober 2013

Valdemar Stable with Wall Section

Here it is. I had some ideas that I should write a little review and compare it with one of Italeri's houses, but it didn't happen. This is a nice model with very few parts. They don't make a single wall section (without the stable) anymore, so this is the wall you'll get from Valdemar. :-(  I've gotten the advice that I could add another wash and I will probably do that and also take photos from the other side of the wall. The indians? I'm working on them. Pics probably next time. :-D

Ah, yes, it is not finished yet. The doors are not glued. Haven't decided if they are going to be closed or opened.

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Indians attack! :-)

Another little comparison. This time with an Airfix US Cavalry guy (1/32 I think). And in the meantime I painted the indians a little more.

fredag 4 oktober 2013

A little comparison

Hi again!

Pascal raised the question what scale my Prince August Native Americans are. The answer is 40mm, which means they doesn't fit anything modern. I made a little comparison photo. I took Beorn from the Mithril-range, quite big for Mithril, an orc from Prince August's fantasy armies (28mm I think), my strange hobbit from the boardgame The Hobbit, and a celtic wizard from Hat (1/72).

torsdag 3 oktober 2013

Prince August's Native Americans

When I was a kid we had some rubber moulds from Prince August. Me and my dad cast figures and I painted them (most not very well). Now I have found some of these figures in the cellar and decided I wanted to make a little better paintwork on them. I hope that I will do a better job as a 49-year old than as a 9-year old. :-D

This is how they looked when I found them. Paint is Humbrol Enamel. The skin is pretty good, but all that green is not.

After a little work (there is still very much to do, but this is how they look at the moment):

måndag 30 september 2013

Walking in the winter wonderland

Huge thanks for the nice comments. I'm not always a man of words, but I do appriciate your nice comments. Here is a new little scene. Wonderland? The only wonder is that it is the same base as in the previous post, but the pics are taken before I added the US soldiers. Here is a lonesome Valdemar pilgrim.

onsdag 18 september 2013

Wyoming, 21st of December 1866

After a very long absence I return with a little dio I worked on during my vacation. I have for a long time thought about making a little scene depicting the Fetterman fight, but there have never been any native americans for a Winter fight. Almost noone for Summer fights either! :-/ I solved this the simple way by only showing the soldiers and calling it "The Unseen Foe".

As in real life some of the men fought in ACW before.

More pics on the unlucky:

måndag 19 augusti 2013

Oh xxx, she had a pet dragon/dragoon

Some time ago I had a duel at Bennos. The theme was "I met a monster". My little entry was called "Oh xxx, she had a pet dragon" and looked like this:

It had five votes, which is very good since my opponent was marvelous and fun.

Well, some ideas are too stupid to not do so I gave her a pet dragoon instead. :-D

söndag 11 augusti 2013

In the woods I was a-wandering one sunny afternoon. A true story

This little scene is actually based on a true story! A long time ago I went to a seance out of curiosity. I was quite sceptical while I sat there and listening to the people getting messages from the other side. Then the medium came to me and said she had a message for me. It was from a man. She could sense a dog with him and she associated him with trees, like a forest. The message was quite simple, I should get my life in order. I didn't get my life in order, but I asked around a little and nobody had heard of such a man. Now, many years later, I am a man with a dog in forest and I think I should have gotten my life in order. Then, not when I did it. And since Alex has made such nice figures I could resist putting them in forest. Just temporary, this forest is for other figures.

And here is a little WIP-pic

torsdag 27 juni 2013

A Great Disorder or Deep In The Heart of Texas

Finished my little chaotic dio from Texas! Pascal suggested it was a great disorder and that's a very good description! :-D I know that Davy shouldn't be there, but what the heck (bottleneck)!

A pic indoors

A pic from above

And this guy? He will probably move to Suso-Frick Junction! :-D

måndag 24 juni 2013

Mr Baseman

No, this is not going to be a description of my relationship with the bass-guitars I've used, I just didn't want to resist the pun. :-D This is only about bases (almost). I am working on three bases right now. One is actually finished, but there are no pics yet.

Base one is for a little series of dioramas I call "The Magic Lute". Part two is actually published and called "Party in the woods". This base is part one and I think I going to call it "In the woods I went a-wandering one April afternoon".

Not much of a forest yet. :-/ But I'm working on it. :-D  The next base is for part three, the final part of the series I think. It's going to be a field and a forest. As you can see there is A LOT more to do and it will take some time to finish the field. No title yet.

The third base is already shown here and I have added the figures, but I haven't taken pics of the finished dio yet. I think I will call this "Deep in the heart of Texas" after a song by Dave Edmunds pianoplayer Geraint Watkins, but if you have a better suggestion you are welcome.

And last, but not least Amled from Almelo! A collecable figure from an event for small guys called FIGZ. Haven't decided how to paint him yet.

Ah, yes! There is of course a song too! Mr Bassman!

onsdag 12 juni 2013

Finished! Well, almost ...

Finished the cavalry at last! Now it's just small parts to do, remove bases, paint hoves (?), boots, etc, etc. And the base of course. :-D


And the Texans on the base! It looks small, but I want it crowded! :-D

måndag 10 juni 2013

Going along quite nicely, but ...

First, Welcome 1/72 Miniatures (or Benno I presume ;-) ). When I first collected information I read that all Mexican cavalry had blue shabraques with golden lining. So I painted them like that. Now I read in another book that the regular cavalry had GREEN shabraques with WHITE lining! Sigh! Repaint (but I left the light cavalry horses as they were). But other than that it's actually going well. Soon must find a base. I want it to be crowded so it will be a pretty small base. And I haven't decided yet if I shall put some Mexican infantry there as well. Don't have it, but I can use some ESCI or Italeri French Nappie infantry. :-D

måndag 3 juni 2013

Still in Texas

Right now the barbecue-smoke is heavy over Sweden. Everyone is at the barbecue (yup, me too) so if you can smell some barbecue when you read this you know why. What I have at the barbecue? Pork, chicken, beef, mushrooms, onions, vegetables, etc, etc. But I still managed to get some painting done. Almost finished my Texans! Why I didn't paint the shoes/boots on the casualties is anyone's guess, I have no idea except that I didn't think of it. The rest still got their bases because I want to see how it all looks with the cavalry (and maybe some Mexican infantry). I know Davy shouldn't be there, but I couldn't resist.

Got some more paint on the Mexicans and their horses and found a Texas casualty I had forgotten.

The local toystore have closed and I bought two houses that I don't know what to do with right now. I don't like that they are ruined, but that's how it is. Airfix so they are a bit on the small side. First their café with some figures for scale, one Airfix Prussian, one IMEX Texan and one Strelets Boer (+ two Airfix WWI casualties).

And then their country-house (I think it was called). With same figures (almost).

Well, that's it for now.