onsdag 19 december 2012

An unexpected party

Poor Brother Ottar was preparing to eat his quiet lonesome Christmas dinner when he suddenly heard a CRASH and his door fell out of his cell and a lot of people entered his little lonesome cell and shouted:

There were:

his friend Yorick, the giant deadie. He tried to take off his helmet, but it stuck so he took off his head instead. There are some advantages being a deadie. :-D For some reason Tarzan wasn't invited!

Stout Man from Bath also paid a visit and probaly was in the clothes-poker game ...

Hmm, since it is a Christmas dinner this fellow was invited by Ottar's friends.

Mr Butterbur seems to have recovered after the lion attack and is ready for some partying.

Sir Toby seems also to have recovered from the lion attack.

This fellow you can blame absolute everything for on this blog! Thanks Alex! Love him! :-D Of course he invited himself!

Jeremiah from Nocomfort was hired for the music. Very famous for his happy poems!

Fjalar Pik is always ready for something Christmas-like!

Old Father Fimbul is usually present at Christmas.

The abbott, Father Folkvith, is of course present!

As well as Father Brown!

Eve seems to have forgotten her clothes, maybe she misunderstood what kind of party it was. Or she played clothes-poker while they were waiting and lost.

Father Folkvith had a son, Anund, who also joined the party. He always mock Brother Ottar though.

Poor Adam seems also to have lost the clothes-poker game. Wonder who won it ...

The whole setup again:

And a little pic on what I am working on now (and I haven't left the river, I am still working on it). Among others you can see The Lady In Red, Mr Blue with his lady-friends Miss Lavender, Miss Green and Miss Brown. A little scene that will be called Homecoming of the prince and all of the figures will be in the series about the magic lute. :-D

måndag 3 december 2012

On the banks of the river (finally)

First, welcome CP Belt! It's been a while since I added something here, but now I do! :-D Some of you have been waiting a long time for this. It's not finished (I hope), but I've added the water!

Something went wrong with the water so I got a couple of small ridges in the river.

Probably poured too much of the water at the same time. I haven't given up on this yet. Here we have the participants in the dio (very much tongue-in-cheek!):

Spring-Bjorn. His father was a Norwegian trapper and his mother was a squaw.

His girlfriend, Little White Dove.

And Little White Dove's father, Brave Belt. And he is NOT happy with his daughter's boyfriend and jealously guarding her!

måndag 12 november 2012

A new try on me and last pic of the river before D-Day

I am a little figure in Valdemar's set Pilgrims II. It is very fun to be that, but the problem is to paint me. Paul (at Paul's Bods) has done a very nice version of me and have tried myself, but I have not been very happy with my version of me. The beard looked wrong so now I took it off (in real life I'm considering asking ZZ Top if they could need a half decent rhythm guitarist). Bad pic, sorry.

And this is the last pic of the river before I pour water in it! D-Day could mean Disaster-Day, but we will see. The monk is not meant to be there. The stones get stuck in the wheels of the missus electric wheelchair and come lose on the kitchen floor where I step on them. But now I've found a use for them. :-D

tisdag 6 november 2012

Back to the river

Added some rocks to the river. Going to give them a wash and then it is probably time for the water, but that may take a while. I have some other projects to finish first. :-D

måndag 29 oktober 2012


This is the river as it looks now, without the water. Not very convincing. And that ***** tree doesn't make anything better. Will put some bushes on the dio instead and maybe take a better tree somewhere else on it. Pretty big dio for just three figures, but I think I will make them moveable so I can use the base for more dios if it goes well with the water.

fredag 26 oktober 2012


After a little foray in old music I am back on track again. Bought a bottle of Woodland Scenics' Realistic Water, must be the most expensive water I ever bought! Hope it will do the work. :-D Working on a little scene. It didn't work as I hoped with my usual photo-frame so this will hopefully do the trick. It is not a big diorama, well the dio is quite big, but it only got three figures and a canoe on it. :-D The canoe is almost finished, the figures are very much not but will be as soon as possible.

onsdag 24 oktober 2012

Me, myself and I singing and playing. Total horror!!! :-D

Soon Halloween and one way to scare people is with music. :-D
Haven't recording many songs where I sing, for the simple reason I'm no singer. And no harmonica-player either, but here I do everything. :-D Recorded back in 1990 and unfortunately in Swedish, but the song is about loss and the English title should be something like "If only your shadow could stay". I wasn't a happy young man that year, but this was the only song sounding like this that I wrote at the time, the rest was more usual boogierockblues. Picture from the vacation 2010 and I don't play harmonica anymore even though I still sing on birthdays.

And the link to MySpace (can't add anything since I've forgotten both the email I used AND the password).


Ah, yes! The chords: Verse: Am G D Dsus Chorus: C G D Dsus

Should have dogwalked with a friend yesterday, but he didn't show up so I took the coffee (we should had on the dogwalk) to the hobbyroom. Managed to NOT put the brush in the coffee, but forgot to drink the coffee so it got cold. :-(
Next time no coffee in the hobbyroom, who knows which cup I would take next time. :-D

tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Two bathers (mild nudity!)

Have painting very little lately. But I am painting two of Alex' bathers and two horses. The horses will hopefully be used in my planned story about a magic lute, but there is a long way to go and many many figures to buy and paint and at least three bases more before I can tell the story. Oh, and I have to write it too. The bathers I think I'm going to use in something that I call "The feverish dreams of brother Ottar". Name can change and it is a long way to go there to. Picture is taken with the cellphone, sorry for the blurry pic. First the decent picture:

And then the whole nudity! They are wonderful figures, but I don't know if the girl really is in the set. She wasn't on PSR so maybe Valdemar skipped her in the final set.

måndag 17 september 2012

Some finished figures

Many many projects at the same time! First some people for a restaurant scene. The scene have been shown before, but here are some more people for it. Don't know if the green dress is finished, maybe add some white dots on it.

The monk is probably going to another project! Also working on figures for a little scene at a royal court. Just have to buy Valdemar's "Knightly life" first.

And here is a little picture on the figures I am working on right now. No Lakotas! Sorry about that, hope to get to them in the future.

Some are for that court-scene, some are for the magic lute story (that 'Party in the woods' is a part of) and some are for something else! :-D

I finished my Italeri-house! Haven't glued it yet, but not going to paint more on it! We will see if it turns up in any post in the future.

Some years ago I bought a Cut-and-assemle castle from Usborne or Dover (don't remember which). It is pretty big and never finished more than this. Should have put it on cardboard, but now it is like it is! A little small for Valdemar figures, other than that it fits pretty nice with them!

måndag 27 augusti 2012

Dead Giant Template

Was at the toystore/hobbyshop the other day and saw something called "Games Workshop Dead Giant Template". No idea what it was, but it was cheap (19 SEK). :-D Totally transparent so I decided to paint him. Tried with acrylics first, nope, they wouldn't stay on. Then I covered him in Humbrol Enamel 98 (Chocolate Brown) (the only enamel I have in the apartement) and let it dry.

Looks like a very rude thing sticking out from his trousers, but it is a human arm! Around him you can see figures for my restarant scene that I'm working on. It was good to cover him in paint! That way it was much easier to see the details better. He's got some human arms sticking out from under him and it was pretty fun to paint him. He's not finished yet.