onsdag 12 februari 2014

The Expedition - Two new photos

Hi again. This will probably take much longer than I thought. This year started bad. After New Year the missus had to go through surgery and remove her gall bladder. In and out of the hospital during four days (luckily they let her sleep at home. When your in a wheelchair everything is much easier at home) and on the evening of the fifth they did their work on her. And then our dog started limping on his left front leg. The veterinary checked him and said the elbow, which surprised us, since he felt strained around the shoulder. But she said elbow and demanded to open there and have a look. The elbow was fine and our dog was feeling terrible after the surgery. Probably she managed to pinch him so he reacted on the elbow. Very good vet. :-/ She said then that since the elbow was fine it was probably a nerve-root tumour, but the symptoms were wrong. What can we do? we asked. Let him go, was her answer. But she let us get him go through X-ray. No tumour what so ever. Well, the symptoms were wrong. :-/ Two other vets checked him and without us saying anything they said it is probably some muscular problems around the shoulder. So next step is another vet, specialized on muscular problems with dogs, seeing him on Tuesday, the 18th. So where is all this ranting go? Well, all of this costs money and to finish my little expedition I need to buy a little more stuff. But that will have to wait awhile longer. In the meantime I give you a family-photo of the von Schneider-family and a photo from when the expedition is welcomed in Syrinx.