torsdag 9 januari 2014

The expedition

Hi again. New month, new year and new post! Happy new year! I start the new year with a little something I call The Expedition. It is not finished yet since I haven't made all the bases I need yet. But I'll show some of the photos here (the colour ones) and some (sepia-like) at Benno's. I play a little with the names on the explorers. First we have Sir Alfred Toby (Sir Toby is one of the absent friends in the old TV-sketch Dinner For One, which is aired in Sweden every New Years Eve), then Mr Benjamin Butterbur (Mr Butterbur is usually called Barliman and lives in Bree in Tolkien's Lord of the Ring), Mr James Winterbottom and Mr William Pommeroy (both from Dinner For One), Dr Napoleon B. Brown (there is an old bluessong called Dr Brown and one blues singer called Nappie Brown, but it was Buster Brown that sang the song with saxophone player J.T. Brown), Admiral Adalbert von Schneider (a little mix. Adalbert is a ghost in one of Johan's and Peewit's adventures and Admiral von Schneider is (again) from Dinner For One). The admiral have two dogs, Nuff and Spud (Nuff is also called Alan Lancaster, bassplayer with Status Quo and Spud is the drummer John Coghlan). Very nerdy, yes I know, but I like it. :-D Some of those pics have been shown here already.