torsdag 29 mars 2012

More Mithril

I freed some more Mithril figs from their prison in the dungeon. Just temporarily, they'll go down there again. First we have Mirkwood Spider (thought I had Shelob, but I don't) served by Nob (or Hob) and Barliman Butterbur. I know that the hobbit shouldn't be blonde, but it gives a little variety.

The first Mithril figures I bought were the Rohirrim, the horse-lords of Rohan. The bow is broken, the swords don't fit the hands very well and the riders tend to fall off the horses.

More broken figs. Gwaihir (?) with Balin (?) and Bilbo. The lost wing is still in the shoebox where I stored these figures, I was too lazy to put it back on right now.

A dwarf on a pony and Beorn. Don't have Beorn as a bear. :-(

A reading dwarf. Maybe he is meant to be a magician, don't remember.

Two trolls. Fighting over something.

And the rest of my ent collection. Maybe I can use these and the trolls in other settings. :-D

Yesterday I found the first tic for the season. A big fat, but empty, female crawling on my new-washed foot. She died. So now we have to search Valter every day or put on some anti-tic-stuff (poison, which we don't like to use on him). I'd rather have vipers than tics. Vipers you just stomp in the ground or walk a little hard and they disappear, tics you can't avoid that easy. They say that this Winter was hard for the tics, can only hope that it's true. They also say that this weekend is going to be cold. I can take cold for one weekend, at least down to -10 C if it just kill those ****** tics!

måndag 12 mars 2012

Treebeard and more (not hobby-related)

As some of you know I have a little collection of Prince August's Mithril-figures. They weren't that expensive when I bought them and now they are stored in the cellar (5 shoeboxes of them and some GW-figures). Sometimes I look in those boxes for old times sake and bring out a figure or two. This time it was Treebeard with Pippin and Merry. Probably painted Pippin blonde to get some variety and the same for punkrocker Merry. Treebeard is painted with Humbrol's enamels 110 and 30 (or 80) is my guess and the hobbits are painted with Humbrol Acrylics. I won't repaint them, but let them sleep in their boxes and wake some up from time to time and show my little world of followers. This was painted 20-25 years ago.

A little continuation from the previous post. The view from our skislope:

And the back of the skislope. This is the way I use. Not long and not steep.

Sunday me and my brother (and Valter of course) kidnapped Valter's girlfriend Zelma. Her owners knew that we were going to take her so it was no problem with them. :-D We went south to an island to the East-South-East from here. The castle on that island is one of Sweden's most haunted places and also the church is said to be haunted. But we just walked in the forests there. They are only haunted by wild animals like boars and deer and hares, etc. We were lucky and didn't meet any boars so we just had a good time in the sunny weather. Even Zelma, when she realized that it WAS fun to be kidnapped by us. And she also enjoyed the pancake we had brought for her.

Here is Zelma at a holy tree. :-D Ah, yes, she's no boxer. She's a Staffordshire Bullterrier. Just like the one we had when I grew up.

Here is the haunted castle. It is called Ängsö, just like the island. If you see something strange (I don't) it is probably a ghost. :-D

And here is the church. Also haunted!

Hope to get back to the hobby-related stuff later, but right now this will have to do. Who knows, next post can be a fictionalized version of my life as a local, not very succesful, rock musician. Or some other Mithril-figure maybe. :-D

onsdag 7 mars 2012

Just a little walk

Took some pics during the dog-walk. Sometimes we go something like this, sometimes we go differently. There are many alternatives, which is very good. But often when me and Valter are out it is dark so then we go a more lighted route. And if the missus joins us it must be another route (this forest is no good for a wheelchair, but we have a forest that works with a wheelchair too.

Upper part of our little creek. No fish in it, don't know why. But it is fresh water since wild animals drink from it. And dogs too. Noone has become sick (wouldn't try to drink it myself though).

Blurry pic. Sorry. Had my cell-phone in one hand and Valter in the other and he pulled when I took the pic.

Lower part of the creek. A trash-can someone thrown in the creek.

Valter on an icy part of the path.

A funny-looking tree. A little bit to the left some homeless people had built a hut. But they were not in when we passed. They usually go away when they hear someone approaching.

Another funny-looking tree. The strange thing on the tree you can carve a nice bowl from.

Valter on the top of our ski slope. We came from the backside and it is not as steep as the front.

Valter found a glove. My left hand felt a little cold. :-D

And home. 90 minutes walking in nice nature and nice weather. But no painting. :-(  Won't try. :-D By the way, our balcony is on the second floor on the left. It is Valter's favourite place and he gets quite upset if the door is closed, even when he is on the inside. Can be pretty cold after a while.

tisdag 6 mars 2012

The Magic Lute's Dancing Troupe and a little bit more

Here are some of the figures I hope to use in my future project "The Magic Lute". Need more figures and need to finish a story behind it all.

And two more figures. To good camera for this painting :-(

But the front of the chest on the dog am I quite happy with. Below you can see what I was aiming for.