måndag 3 november 2014

Gataskog - Defenders and Attackers

Hi again!

I've been working on this project for some years now and now I'm getting close to something. And since the original battle was in March 1365 I realise that I'm getting very close to some kind of anniversary. But I think I settle on finishing the dio for the real anniversary in 2365. I mean, that should give me enough time. I hope. Some pictures on the figures. The base is just painted yet and I realise I need more bases. And pics with the cellphone so not very good.

First the defenders, Swedes and Norwegians.

Last pic? Yes, I added bowstring on some of the archers. Have four left.

And the attackers, Swedes and Germans. And some casualties that I'm going to put arrows in.

That was all this time. See ya!