måndag 5 oktober 2015

Adalbert von Strunten den Sammen with friends

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. I am making a little series of scenes concerning the totally fictional German Medieval family von Strunten den Sammen. One late scene is already finsihed and shown here: ( http://bennosfiguresforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16305&p=181227&hilit=stresojekt#p181227 ). But there is a lot more to tell about this family. I have started on the first scene, it is set sometime 1363 or early 1364. Here I show the main characters:

The father, Adalbert von Strunten den Sammen. Have been visited by two Swedish knights and they along with youngest son have persuaded him to go to war in Sweden.

The older son, Guthmund. Is against joining the war, but follow to keep an eye on his elderly father and that hotblooded younger brother.

The younger son, Siegmund. Is looking forward to the adventure and believe that the Swedish nobles will make them rich and famous.

Adalbert have also gotten word to his two brother-in-laws (they married three sisters). Lakritz von Vieluhr is an old friend to Adalbert and they have done a lot together.

Roun de Peliphant is the other brother-in-law. A couple of years younger than Adalbert and Lakritz, and living in France he haven't had the same contact with the older knights and he is a bit reluctant.

He brings his old friend Tortue de Écureuil.

Adalbert's daughter's fiance Kolmbach von Rollingen also joins the war-party.

As does the neighbour Johannes von Lillemo.

And Siegmund's friends Nickolaus von der Rücken

and Gregorius von Blake.

The two Swedish knights are:

Johan Gustafsson Ving

and Erik Birgersson Tre Rosor.

Probably more to tell next time.