tisdag 7 juni 2016

Some oak trees

A fellow member at Benno's wanted me to show some oak trees, maybe he thought I have model ones. Anyhow, living close to a little oakforest it's no problem taking some pics during a dog walk.

Luckily the sun is hiding some new buildings on the pic below. They are new and they are ugly and they are very light coloured! :-D

I have found an old map over this little forest from 1916. And on exactly this place it says Oak Hill House! I can very well understand the name, there are A LOT of oaks around it. These stones are all that's left of the house. My guess is that it was a normal house for the time, built early 20th century and gone mid 20th century. Nothing much, but a nice name.

Here we leave Oak Hill House to go home and have some breakfast.