måndag 24 oktober 2011

A bit more crowded

Worked a little more on my dio. When it's finished it will look something like this. The officer is NOT shooting the fleeing Airfix-trooper.

Still waiting for my indians. When I add them it will be even more crowded. :-D

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Theme from an imaginary western

Nah, just a good title. Been playing a little with my wild west dio. This is in no way finished. Just some pics on a work in progress. I'll put them up at Benno's too. I'm going to add more grass and also put some washes on the figures. So there's a lot of work left to do. And haven't got my indians yet either.

måndag 10 oktober 2011

Positive update with pics

As usual when I rant I can update with pics on some progress. Pretty frustrating, but that is the way it is. Over to the pics! Managed to give them beards and hair yesterday. Not as good at this that I was 20 years ago, but when the dio is finished you won't see them this close. :-D All they need now is washes and boot colour. I'm also on good way with the bases (both the secret and Wildwest).

onsdag 5 oktober 2011


Sorry about this. I try to not write to much about bad things now, but this time was too much. Yesterday's quote from the missus: "People our age don't have hobbies." And when I asked what age people did have hobbies she didn't know she didn't come from that background. But her mother has gardening as a hobby, her brother's interested in sports, her sister and father were interested in writing. She do come from that background, but she can't see that. And people at any age have hobbies, cars, sports, learning something new, etc, etc. It is good and relaxing to have a hobby. But if you have to fight to do your hobby it don't get relaxing it become a stress and that's where I am right now. Don't know if I'm going to finish anything right now. Again, sorry about the rant, but now you know why you probably won't see any updates soon. Or you will. Who knows, she is very good at changing her mind so I almost don't know what's up or down. :-(

måndag 3 oktober 2011

Update without photos :-(

Did a little more than picking even more mushrooms. Managed to paint two bases, one to the Wild West dio and one to my VERY secret project. And they look almost the same at the moment, that's the reason I won't take any photos of them yet. The secret project should be finished this year (I work very fast don't I? ;-D) and the Wild West dio some time after. Talked with the missus about my missing indians and she said it was much better to order new ones, so I did. Hopefully Harfield's still got them. And also ordered the Waterloo 1815 sioux and some Vikings from Emhar, Gallic Charriot with Warrior Queen from Hat and Vlad Tzepes from Lucky Toys.