torsdag 30 juni 2011

Bases off!

Yesterday I managed to cut the bases from the figures. All survived the experience, even the Airfix squaw (at over 40 years old she's got the right to be a little fragile).

When I painted the base-less horses I glued them on a bottle cap with wood-glue, but here a disaster happened. Some of the old Italeri sets are very fragile and one of the horses broke a leg. What to do now? Get another horse or use the ones I've got and pretend nothing happened? I think I'll try to hide the injury and pretend nothing's happened. And the horse? Well, he's a good horse and I think he'll get over it. :-D

Other trees

Other natural trees that takes forever to dry. Blueberry looks pretty okay as trees for 1/72 figures. But they take forever to dry. I have had some for years, but they're still green in parts. This is an older dio I made for a competition at Benno's. No theme and I think the competition was in July or something. Still, I call this dio Aw Ghost for some reason. The ghost is self made and a little too big.

onsdag 29 juni 2011

A tree

Since last time I added a tree (it's a dried grapevine and it took forever to dry it). I glued it on the base, supported it for a couple of days, took away the support and went on a small vacation (Midsummer/mother-in-law's birthday) and when we came home the tree was (hmm, wait a minute. Must look in a dictionary. Hmmm, "lutade" in English... hmmmm...) leaning a lot. Way too much, really. I can chop it of and leave the stump.

måndag 20 juni 2011

Been working again!

Thanks to Paul I've got a very easy way to make bases.

First, the sand:

Then, the wood glue (or the Swedish equivalent "Trälim" :-D) :

Something to mix in (this is an after-pic):

And put them all together:

Hmmm, strange. It didn't work.

Just kidding. Not plain enough I thought at first.

But with houses and figures and stuff:

Now I just have to finish painting the last five figures and some other stuff, chop off the bases of the figures already painted and paint boots, feet and hooves. Figure out why he fell down the stairs (probably through a poll at Bennos) and then it is finished.

But Valter thought I could rather play with him. Which I did. :-D