onsdag 19 december 2012

An unexpected party

Poor Brother Ottar was preparing to eat his quiet lonesome Christmas dinner when he suddenly heard a CRASH and his door fell out of his cell and a lot of people entered his little lonesome cell and shouted:

There were:

his friend Yorick, the giant deadie. He tried to take off his helmet, but it stuck so he took off his head instead. There are some advantages being a deadie. :-D For some reason Tarzan wasn't invited!

Stout Man from Bath also paid a visit and probaly was in the clothes-poker game ...

Hmm, since it is a Christmas dinner this fellow was invited by Ottar's friends.

Mr Butterbur seems to have recovered after the lion attack and is ready for some partying.

Sir Toby seems also to have recovered from the lion attack.

This fellow you can blame absolute everything for on this blog! Thanks Alex! Love him! :-D Of course he invited himself!

Jeremiah from Nocomfort was hired for the music. Very famous for his happy poems!

Fjalar Pik is always ready for something Christmas-like!

Old Father Fimbul is usually present at Christmas.

The abbott, Father Folkvith, is of course present!

As well as Father Brown!

Eve seems to have forgotten her clothes, maybe she misunderstood what kind of party it was. Or she played clothes-poker while they were waiting and lost.

Father Folkvith had a son, Anund, who also joined the party. He always mock Brother Ottar though.

Poor Adam seems also to have lost the clothes-poker game. Wonder who won it ...

The whole setup again:

And a little pic on what I am working on now (and I haven't left the river, I am still working on it). Among others you can see The Lady In Red, Mr Blue with his lady-friends Miss Lavender, Miss Green and Miss Brown. A little scene that will be called Homecoming of the prince and all of the figures will be in the series about the magic lute. :-D

måndag 3 december 2012

On the banks of the river (finally)

First, welcome CP Belt! It's been a while since I added something here, but now I do! :-D Some of you have been waiting a long time for this. It's not finished (I hope), but I've added the water!

Something went wrong with the water so I got a couple of small ridges in the river.

Probably poured too much of the water at the same time. I haven't given up on this yet. Here we have the participants in the dio (very much tongue-in-cheek!):

Spring-Bjorn. His father was a Norwegian trapper and his mother was a squaw.

His girlfriend, Little White Dove.

And Little White Dove's father, Brave Belt. And he is NOT happy with his daughter's boyfriend and jealously guarding her!