måndag 28 november 2011

Warpaint on

Put warpaint on. Happy with the faces not so happy with the bodies. Found some pics on the net, but forgot where so painted from memory. Also, only two horses and six figures to glue on the base. :-D

Started to collect corks. Shared a bottle of wine Saturday and saved the cork. Already have plenty of needles.

fredag 25 november 2011

Wash and go

Repainted the feathered headgear (name in English, please) and quite satisfied. :-D Some warpaint on, unfortunately invisible. :-(  Re-do! Also started to glue some figures on the base, so it's going forward and maybe I'll finish this year. :-)

måndag 21 november 2011

Some progress

Painting the riders. Not satisfied with the chief. Going to do a little research on his headgear. Going slow, but forward.

Cut off the bases and finished all the figures that had a base. Right now it looks like after the battle, but it will look better when I'm finished. :-D

fredag 18 november 2011

A very early preview on my riders

Started with the riders.

Yes, I'm painting them with GW Dwarf Flesh. I think that GW Tanned Flesh is too massive brown. I've found some pictures of Sioux with bodypaint and these will get some. So some progress, slowly, but forwards :-D.

måndag 14 november 2011

A little (well, not so little) update.

At first I was going to call this "Horses for courses II", but this title is better. Saturday I painted a little more on my Indian horses. Waterloo1815 are really a great joy to paint and I felt very happy with what i had done. I thought I could see a finished dio somewhere in the future and really was happy. Here is a pic taken Saturday morning.

And I thought next step would be blankets and then paint a little more next weekend. Saturday night a neighbour had a party (we wasn't there, we are just neighbours). Valter slept all night, the missus managed to fall asleep when the party ended at four Sunday morning. I didn't get any sleep at all so I finished my horses. Next step is to remove the bases and do some more work on the riders.

fredag 11 november 2011

Horses for courses!

Started painting the indians horses. Feels like they're going to be good. :-D No pics yet though. The riders? Haven't decided yet. Think I'll finish the horses first, finish the dio and THEN paint the riders. That way I will get somewhere with this.

Welcome Pascal from Sam's Minis World.

måndag 7 november 2011

How to paint indians

Well, I have no idea. And I want a cheap, quick and lazy method so I chosed some of the indians I'm not going to use in my dio to test some variants.

From left to right: GW Tanned Flesh/GW Baal Red Wash, GW Dwarf Flesh/GW Baal Red Wash, Humbrol 5061/GW Baal Red Wash

From left to right: GW Tanned Flesh/GW Ogryn Flesh Wash, GW Dwarf Flesh/GW Ogryn Flesh Wash, Humbrol 5061/GW Ogryn Flesh Wash.

Don't know which method I will use, but I think I'm going to use one of them. And this is the reason I started this blog! To show what I am working on. But then the homelife seemed to collapse and I needed a window to let out some steam. In the future I maybe write the history about the band here. I have written it on paper, but it is eleven or twelve chapters so we'll see what will happen here.

Anybody wanna buy a bad back cheap??? Not yet lumbago, but can get there. Very cheap!!!

13 followers. I think there was 11 last time I looked. Sorry, I can't see who you are, but a very big welcome and a little warning, almost anything can happen here and not everything happy. But you are welcome to write comments. Bought a book yesterday, will probably start reading it in a month or so, Little Big Man by Thomas Berger. Thanks for the tip mekelnborg.