måndag 30 januari 2012

Paintfree weekend (and a little about life with MS)

Yes! For a couple of weeks our nights have been destroyed by the missus restless legs. They won't function during the day, but during the night they jump and shake. Only way to stop them is for her to turn around and lie either on the side or on her back. But since her lower parts doesn't function she need help to turn around and here I come into the picture. When she's on her back it's two rolled pillows under her legs because her heels must be free and on her side it's a bit complicated to get her feet free from the sheet. Three cushions at various places do the job for a while. Laying her on her back takes 5-10 minutes to get right, on the side takes about 15-30 minutes before it is acceptable. This weekend we decided to sleep as much we could and since I usually paint early mornings I skipped that. We were very good! Late sleepers Saturday morning (yes, Valter too) and early to bed Saturday evening. Up late Sunday, but night between Sunday and Monday her legs wanted revenge or something. Disturbed sleep for about 4 hours. And we're back to where we were before this weekend. Terribly tired. Took some pics though, but have to take new pics, only took one good. :-( And, no, I won't show that picture! :-)

måndag 23 januari 2012

A little update on Wimoweh

Finished the figures! A lot of work left on the base! And it is slow and boring work too!

Could add some rocks, maybe ... Know I will have to paint them. I was lucky it was stones and not something else that I found in the snow. :-D Sorry for the awful pics. Taken in the hobbyroom with very bad light.

måndag 16 januari 2012

Wash and go!

First! Welcome Emmet (Winttrix)! And welcome to th rest too if I have forgotten it. Here absolutely anything can happen.

Almost finished the figures for my little African dio. :-D Just a wash and they are ready to go. The base is another matter. It will probably take a couple of weeks more. Can't add that many tufts of grass at the same time because my hands get too shaky. :-( Old age is not only fun! :-(

Also finished my hobbit, but I don't have any idea what I can use him for. The feet maybe looks strange, but that is because the sculpturer (?) gave him shoes. Nobody ever has heard of hobbits in shoes! So I painted them with skin colour! :-D Scale? Huge, but small. :-D Don't fit with anything I've seen elsewhere. Too big for Games Workshop and Mithril, too small for 1/35 and 1/32 and absolutely much too big for 1/72. Maybe I can use him as a giant instead. :-D

That was that. Now a well deserved glass of paint. :-D No, not a pint of paint!

A mysterious box!!! What can it be????

Oh no! More figures! How am I ever going to find time to paint them all?

torsdag 12 januari 2012

Another bad pic on some progress

Painted a little more on my Wimoweh-dio. I skip the antelope, the lions probably will eat it before I finish anyway! Also made some progress on my huge hobbit.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

Some bad pics and some other stuff

Monday morning I woke up with a pressure on the chest, I had trouble breathing, I had trouble moving. I had a 40 kg boxer snoring happily on my chest. Managed to slide out of the bed and push him more to the middle. Usually he sleeps above my pillow, but not this time.

Took some pics yesterday. Really bad pics. Better to hold the hand on something when you take pics! Haven't done much. Only primed a little with my Humbrol Lavender. Why that one? The hobbystore got rid of all their Humbrol Acrylics and I got them for free unseen. So I ended up with 7 cans of Lavender and a lot of other colours too, even some I can use, but not so many. :-(

First a Hobbit! From a boardgame called Bilbo. Don't know the scale but a bit bigger than 1/72.

And then two bathers (nudity warning!). (NOT FINISHED!) Why two skin-tones? Well, I thought that parts that the sun don't reach should be a little bit whiter than the parts the sun don't reach. So I used elf flesh for the hidden parts and dwarf flesh for the rest. No good! :-(    Probably redo them.

måndag 2 januari 2012

Report from X-mas and New Year (but no figures)

Shared the holidays with the missus mother and brother 2 hours north from my town. An area known for having a lot of snow (not very great with the missus' wheelchair). We took a pretty long walk with the dogs on the 23rd and this is how it looked then.

In the evening we put up some Christmas stuff (in Sweden, for some strange reason, we celebrate Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Don't know why, it's just something that is).

And our first REAL christmas tree for years. Both the missus and me realised that we haven't had a real christmas tree since the early 80s. Our parents were practical and bought plastic ones, but now it is back to the real stuff!

White Christmas? This is how it looked on Christmas Eve!

We went shopping, but since I was the dog-walker I didn't enter any shop! :-D Instead I played tourist with the dogs! We found a little canyon. Pretty deep and with a creek at the bottom so I didn't try to go down and to the other side.

But it was very close to the local school so probably does the children play a lot there. I would have, I know!

On New Years Eve I took a walk in the forest with Valter (his friend, Dogge, was playing with another dog). This is the road. It was a little adventure to walk on it.

Full of ice! But it didn't get better when we left the road! I didn't get a bath in the little stream on the side of the path, but it was close.

Went home on New Years Day and just when we started it started to snow!

And home! Can't somebody play with Valter? No problem! I played with him. He met two friends yesterday, three friends this morning. Got a date this evening. And plan some more dates for him. :-D