torsdag 5 januari 2012

Some bad pics and some other stuff

Monday morning I woke up with a pressure on the chest, I had trouble breathing, I had trouble moving. I had a 40 kg boxer snoring happily on my chest. Managed to slide out of the bed and push him more to the middle. Usually he sleeps above my pillow, but not this time.

Took some pics yesterday. Really bad pics. Better to hold the hand on something when you take pics! Haven't done much. Only primed a little with my Humbrol Lavender. Why that one? The hobbystore got rid of all their Humbrol Acrylics and I got them for free unseen. So I ended up with 7 cans of Lavender and a lot of other colours too, even some I can use, but not so many. :-(

First a Hobbit! From a boardgame called Bilbo. Don't know the scale but a bit bigger than 1/72.

And then two bathers (nudity warning!). (NOT FINISHED!) Why two skin-tones? Well, I thought that parts that the sun don't reach should be a little bit whiter than the parts the sun don't reach. So I used elf flesh for the hidden parts and dwarf flesh for the rest. No good! :-(    Probably redo them.

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