måndag 31 januari 2011

Been at it again

Yes. Working on my planned dios for Gata Forest. "Sir Trotte's Last Stand" and "Charge of Sir Ving". For Trotte I'll need Valdemar's casualty figures and for Ving I'll need a couple of Strelets so this is going to take a while. Right now I'm working on some troops for Sir Johan of Lärna and Sir Ving's cavalry. Maybe need isn't the right word, more that I want those sets. But can't by them all at the same time. And when these are finished there is always more to paint while waiting to order some of the desired sets.

fredag 21 januari 2011


nine beers it can be like this. Never happened to me, but I've heard about it. This is just playground, more serious pics will appear at Benno's hopefully after this weekend.

måndag 17 januari 2011


Two small test-photos taken very fast yesterday evening. Haven't done anything with the bottom of the tankards, the rest is given a green wash.

Strange reaction

Finished my eight small tankards yesterday morning (sorry, no pics) and my bladder must have thought they were real! Had to do it all the time just as if I had been drinking real beer (well, I took one just to have as reference). Hope to take pics of my Bavarian this weekend.

måndag 10 januari 2011

Anyone for a beer?

Found these very small beer tankards (is that correct?) in my little collection of stuff in the cellar. From Prince August's Mithril range, think the set was called At The Prancing Pony or something like that. You got chairs, tables, plates, tankards, candles and barrels and maybe more that I lost and forgot. Found out that they are to small to hold with the fingers while painting so I had to glue them on something. And it was beer in those bottles that the caps was on.

A little update on Prince August's Fantasy Build

Been casting and painting this weekend. Soon finished with my little castle-background and soon finished with my entry for the Valentine-competition at Benno's. And I changed the title from .... to .... ! :-D

torsdag 6 januari 2011

A little update on Gata Forest

A little part of the Swedish-Norwegian army is finished (I thought, but then I saw I had forgot to paint the back of the jacket of one of the Norwegian Airfix-figs). Some of these you have seen before and I can tell that Lärna-family and Eka-family are connected through Sir Johan's of Lärna daughter that married Sir Trotte of Eka (one of the casualties, but not yet on my planned dio (I think). Tofta family arms is a modern invention.

onsdag 5 januari 2011

Prince August Fantasy Build Plaster moulds

They don't sell these anymore and there are better products now, but this was what was available in Sweden back in the mid 80-s. They had plaster-moulds before, but they were for bigger scale and, well, for only one brick/stone. You could as well buy some lego and paint them grey! :-D Thought I had what I needed for what I'm planning, but I'll have to cast (right at last?) new floors and walls and paint them. Found the instructions in the cellar, but I'm just going to do two walls and part of a floor that I can use as a background for different scenes. Scanned the instructions (sorry, in Swedish, but you can look at the pictures).