onsdag 5 januari 2011

Prince August Fantasy Build Plaster moulds

They don't sell these anymore and there are better products now, but this was what was available in Sweden back in the mid 80-s. They had plaster-moulds before, but they were for bigger scale and, well, for only one brick/stone. You could as well buy some lego and paint them grey! :-D Thought I had what I needed for what I'm planning, but I'll have to cast (right at last?) new floors and walls and paint them. Found the instructions in the cellar, but I'm just going to do two walls and part of a floor that I can use as a background for different scenes. Scanned the instructions (sorry, in Swedish, but you can look at the pictures).

4 kommentarer:

  1. You´ve got some pretty collectable stuff eh?
    I can´t tell how lego like the moulds are from the drawings so you´ll have to get casting :-D

  2. Happy new year!

    Is this similar stuff as Hirst Arts?

  3. These will not look like lego, it was the ones they had before these. Hope to cast some walls and floors this weekend. Hirst Arts? Have to look them up. Wait a second ... Now! No, more like Linka, but not very good. You are pretty restricted since there are only two kinds of wall (one with a door and one without). No ceiling, no roof, no woodwork, just these stonewalls and floor.