onsdag 17 december 2014

More books!

I added two more books to my very small LittleBigHorn-library. They look very promising. Maybe I even make a new dio about it some day.

måndag 3 november 2014

Gataskog - Defenders and Attackers

Hi again!

I've been working on this project for some years now and now I'm getting close to something. And since the original battle was in March 1365 I realise that I'm getting very close to some kind of anniversary. But I think I settle on finishing the dio for the real anniversary in 2365. I mean, that should give me enough time. I hope. Some pictures on the figures. The base is just painted yet and I realise I need more bases. And pics with the cellphone so not very good.

First the defenders, Swedes and Norwegians.

Last pic? Yes, I added bowstring on some of the archers. Have four left.

And the attackers, Swedes and Germans. And some casualties that I'm going to put arrows in.

That was all this time. See ya!

tisdag 23 september 2014

Another actor to play Sir Toby

Hi again! Now it is back to basics. Still working on my little expedition-story. Changed plans and saved a lot of money. Discovered that I have a lot of stuff at home that I can use and have very fun fun. And I have also hired yet another actor to play Sir Toby.

tisdag 2 september 2014

When I went to a plastic party

Many years ago me and some friends were in Stockholm to watch a show with a pretty big Swedish comedian. After the show we felt that a beer would be nice. We found a place at some back street. They had nice beer, some ordinary people as customers, but if you put your glass on the table it got stuck! Everything looked allright, but the tables were so dirty they were sticky. Yuck. Anyway, we had our beer and heard that there was a party downstairs (in the basement). Free entry. We heard someone mention plastic party, but didn't think much of it. We had all heard of Tupperwear parties. Well, this was quite different! Some people were dressed like us, just ordinary blokes, some were dressed in plastic and rubber, some were not dressed at all. We all felt pretty akward, but everybody was nice and realised that we didn't really belong there so they just talked to us and were nice. After that I am a little cautious when I hear the word plastic party. :-) Just a little story while you wait for something paint related to appear here.

tisdag 26 augusti 2014

Old stuff

Hi again! Dug out some old stuff. Haven't painted these figures myself, but I like them. They are pretty old now and a little worn.

First Aristocats. Think I've got all in this little series.

Then Lucky Luke. Lucky himself disappeared sometime (I think his legs was too fragile and got lost or something), but I think I've got the rest of the figures.

And then Tintin. Maybe there were more in this series, but these are the important ones.

Yes, I still got Snowy (Milou). He was lost for a while, but I found him again. Got more Disney-figures, but they will have to rest awhile.

onsdag 20 augusti 2014

A little preview. Exlusive!!!

I am building a little jungle for my expedition-adventure. Work goes a little to fast. The missus said it was okay to buy something, but I said it was better to buy when I felt that I was finishing something. Well, it seems it's time to order soon. :-/ I need some ruins and statues for this jungle. This will only be shown here so it is a little exlusive for my followers here, even if more can see this. When I took the picture I forgot to hide one of the statues I already have, so you'll get to see a little more than I intended. :-)

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Working on a base

Yup, that's right. I am working on a little project. But going is very slow. I hope to finish before Christmas, but I can't say. It's for my little story "The Expedition" at Benno's.

tisdag 5 augusti 2014

Where there's smoke there's fire?

Hi again. A lot of smoke here right now. There is a forest fire about 50 km North of us and the smoke is drifting. As it is at the moment it's not very dangerous smoke since it is only wood and stuff that burns. No houses are burnt yet, but there are some towns and villages in the area that are evacuated. At the moment one dead and one badly burnt. It is very hot and dry in the area and they have lost control over the fire so this can be very bad. And there is another, smaller, forest fire a couple of miles to the West of the big fire so it doesn't look very good for the people in the area. Hopefully we'll get some rain, but this is the worst forest fire in Sweden in modern times. And some smoke. I was strange to go downtown and I heard that the shopping area West of town was best avoided, you couldn't breath there. And a pic of the church tower.

måndag 4 augusti 2014

A bit of obsession

Hi there! I'm back again! Soon I hope to post pics on painting activity, but in the meantime something else, but a little connected. I remember listening to the radio the 25th of June 1976. I was pretty excited since this was the anniversary of the Little Big Horn fight. Don't know why I was so interested, but I had already been it for some time. And still is. :-/ Bought some books, got some articles. This is part of it.

I think I have more articles somewhere. Maybe I will do something with figures. I did a little dio some years back and maybe I'll make another. Have the figures I need so it's just inspiration and time. :-)

måndag 28 april 2014

Two pals

Hi again.

This blog went to sleep again, but now I wake it up. While we were struggling (and still are) with our dog his best pal got sick and died in a couple of hours (probably ate or drank something bad outdoors). We have spent a lot of time with this dog too and I felt I needed to do something. The company Schleich sells plastic boxers so I repainted two to resemble our dog and his pal. First the originals:

Valter and Dogge

Dogge and Valter

And now the plastic ones

tisdag 11 mars 2014

A little update :-D

But not with figures, this time. Well, some news. I've started on my Battle of Gata Forest 1365 again. Had a break for 4 years and doing other funny stuff. :-D Well, back to the update. It's da dawg! We saw the other vet! He found that our dog had hurt a toe, probably a couple of years ago. Well, he ran away and chased a roedeer with a pal about three years ago and he was limping when he returned. He didn't limp after that. But he protested some times. He hid that the toe hurt, but this summer (it was very hot and he is VERY heat sensitive, couldn't walk or run, but he could eat) he got too heavy to hide his toe anymore. Well, from a body full of tumours to a hurt toe in a couple of weeks was pretty chaotic. Now he gets the right medicine and we're trying to get him a little lighter. And he gets training in a water-tank so he doesn't have to press on his toe too much. And he gets treatment two times a week. So pretty positive. :-D

And spring is here so we started cleaning the balcony and making it ready for the flowers and tomatoes.

onsdag 12 februari 2014

The Expedition - Two new photos

Hi again. This will probably take much longer than I thought. This year started bad. After New Year the missus had to go through surgery and remove her gall bladder. In and out of the hospital during four days (luckily they let her sleep at home. When your in a wheelchair everything is much easier at home) and on the evening of the fifth they did their work on her. And then our dog started limping on his left front leg. The veterinary checked him and said the elbow, which surprised us, since he felt strained around the shoulder. But she said elbow and demanded to open there and have a look. The elbow was fine and our dog was feeling terrible after the surgery. Probably she managed to pinch him so he reacted on the elbow. Very good vet. :-/ She said then that since the elbow was fine it was probably a nerve-root tumour, but the symptoms were wrong. What can we do? we asked. Let him go, was her answer. But she let us get him go through X-ray. No tumour what so ever. Well, the symptoms were wrong. :-/ Two other vets checked him and without us saying anything they said it is probably some muscular problems around the shoulder. So next step is another vet, specialized on muscular problems with dogs, seeing him on Tuesday, the 18th. So where is all this ranting go? Well, all of this costs money and to finish my little expedition I need to buy a little more stuff. But that will have to wait awhile longer. In the meantime I give you a family-photo of the von Schneider-family and a photo from when the expedition is welcomed in Syrinx.

torsdag 9 januari 2014

The expedition

Hi again. New month, new year and new post! Happy new year! I start the new year with a little something I call The Expedition. It is not finished yet since I haven't made all the bases I need yet. But I'll show some of the photos here (the colour ones) and some (sepia-like) at Benno's. I play a little with the names on the explorers. First we have Sir Alfred Toby (Sir Toby is one of the absent friends in the old TV-sketch Dinner For One, which is aired in Sweden every New Years Eve), then Mr Benjamin Butterbur (Mr Butterbur is usually called Barliman and lives in Bree in Tolkien's Lord of the Ring), Mr James Winterbottom and Mr William Pommeroy (both from Dinner For One), Dr Napoleon B. Brown (there is an old bluessong called Dr Brown and one blues singer called Nappie Brown, but it was Buster Brown that sang the song with saxophone player J.T. Brown), Admiral Adalbert von Schneider (a little mix. Adalbert is a ghost in one of Johan's and Peewit's adventures and Admiral von Schneider is (again) from Dinner For One). The admiral have two dogs, Nuff and Spud (Nuff is also called Alan Lancaster, bassplayer with Status Quo and Spud is the drummer John Coghlan). Very nerdy, yes I know, but I like it. :-D Some of those pics have been shown here already.