måndag 28 april 2014

Two pals

Hi again.

This blog went to sleep again, but now I wake it up. While we were struggling (and still are) with our dog his best pal got sick and died in a couple of hours (probably ate or drank something bad outdoors). We have spent a lot of time with this dog too and I felt I needed to do something. The company Schleich sells plastic boxers so I repainted two to resemble our dog and his pal. First the originals:

Valter and Dogge

Dogge and Valter

And now the plastic ones

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gunnar,this has touched my heart.We are kindred spirits,because with keeping our loyal family pet dog`s over the years it was and still is very hard when we lose them. Every day I think of Little Tod,Buffy and my all time favourite Sponge. All now at rest in our beautiful garden.Often I cry like now,but Gunnar remember the Good Times spent with your dear little friend.As do we Mrs B & Beano Boy!

  2. Nice dogs ! well painted ! I'm sure that your four-legs friends love them ...