måndag 14 oktober 2013

Valdemar Stable with Wall Section

Here it is. I had some ideas that I should write a little review and compare it with one of Italeri's houses, but it didn't happen. This is a nice model with very few parts. They don't make a single wall section (without the stable) anymore, so this is the wall you'll get from Valdemar. :-(  I've gotten the advice that I could add another wash and I will probably do that and also take photos from the other side of the wall. The indians? I'm working on them. Pics probably next time. :-D

Ah, yes, it is not finished yet. The doors are not glued. Haven't decided if they are going to be closed or opened.

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Indians attack! :-)

Another little comparison. This time with an Airfix US Cavalry guy (1/32 I think). And in the meantime I painted the indians a little more.

fredag 4 oktober 2013

A little comparison

Hi again!

Pascal raised the question what scale my Prince August Native Americans are. The answer is 40mm, which means they doesn't fit anything modern. I made a little comparison photo. I took Beorn from the Mithril-range, quite big for Mithril, an orc from Prince August's fantasy armies (28mm I think), my strange hobbit from the boardgame The Hobbit, and a celtic wizard from Hat (1/72).

torsdag 3 oktober 2013

Prince August's Native Americans

When I was a kid we had some rubber moulds from Prince August. Me and my dad cast figures and I painted them (most not very well). Now I have found some of these figures in the cellar and decided I wanted to make a little better paintwork on them. I hope that I will do a better job as a 49-year old than as a 9-year old. :-D

This is how they looked when I found them. Paint is Humbrol Enamel. The skin is pretty good, but all that green is not.

After a little work (there is still very much to do, but this is how they look at the moment):