tisdag 11 mars 2014

A little update :-D

But not with figures, this time. Well, some news. I've started on my Battle of Gata Forest 1365 again. Had a break for 4 years and doing other funny stuff. :-D Well, back to the update. It's da dawg! We saw the other vet! He found that our dog had hurt a toe, probably a couple of years ago. Well, he ran away and chased a roedeer with a pal about three years ago and he was limping when he returned. He didn't limp after that. But he protested some times. He hid that the toe hurt, but this summer (it was very hot and he is VERY heat sensitive, couldn't walk or run, but he could eat) he got too heavy to hide his toe anymore. Well, from a body full of tumours to a hurt toe in a couple of weeks was pretty chaotic. Now he gets the right medicine and we're trying to get him a little lighter. And he gets training in a water-tank so he doesn't have to press on his toe too much. And he gets treatment two times a week. So pretty positive. :-D

And spring is here so we started cleaning the balcony and making it ready for the flowers and tomatoes.