måndag 19 augusti 2013

Oh xxx, she had a pet dragon/dragoon

Some time ago I had a duel at Bennos. The theme was "I met a monster". My little entry was called "Oh xxx, she had a pet dragon" and looked like this:

It had five votes, which is very good since my opponent was marvelous and fun.

Well, some ideas are too stupid to not do so I gave her a pet dragoon instead. :-D

söndag 11 augusti 2013

In the woods I was a-wandering one sunny afternoon. A true story

This little scene is actually based on a true story! A long time ago I went to a seance out of curiosity. I was quite sceptical while I sat there and listening to the people getting messages from the other side. Then the medium came to me and said she had a message for me. It was from a man. She could sense a dog with him and she associated him with trees, like a forest. The message was quite simple, I should get my life in order. I didn't get my life in order, but I asked around a little and nobody had heard of such a man. Now, many years later, I am a man with a dog in forest and I think I should have gotten my life in order. Then, not when I did it. And since Alex has made such nice figures I could resist putting them in forest. Just temporary, this forest is for other figures.

And here is a little WIP-pic