tisdag 21 maj 2013

Stop the cavalry

Back to the minis! Working on a little Texas-something. Almost finished my Texans, but you will have to wait until they are finished. I have started on the Mexican cavalry using Hat's Napoleonic French Dragoons and French Lancers. I think they look much better than IMEX' cavalry. And I already have them! :-D

Already finished one of them. He lost a duel at Benno's some time ago.

A long time ago I made a dio called "Party in the woods" and I've finally started with the bases for the prequel and the sequel. The prequel is almost finished, I have the figures, I have a good title, all I need is a base. The sequel is bit more to do. Only one figure and horse finished (three more horses and one more figure to finish), but a good idea about how the base will look when finished. No title though.

måndag 6 maj 2013

The Poo Song

Looked at the car this morning and came up with a song. If you want to use it, it's totally free!

Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I don't like that pidgeon poo
Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I don't like that pidgeon poo

It's on the car, it's in my hair
It's on my clothes, it's everywhere

Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, I just hate that pidgeon poo
Pidgeon poo, pidgeon poo, maybe I'll make some pidgeon stew

That's it! It can be longer. You can change to other animals and make a very long song about different animals poo, but the above is enough for me. :-D