tisdag 30 november 2010

Oh yes! I'm going to win this!

Pics for the Xmas competition are taken and sent to Benno. No answer yet (he's probably stunned by my amazing marvelous entry). No painting this weekend and no big buys either. Bought a new car and then our dishwasher died. When you have big costs there is usually more to come, sigh. Well, got what I need (not for Gata Forest (would love to get my hands on some of the Valdemar figs (but they'll have to wait)) so that's not a big problem. The Valentine Competition will be a close call. If everything works out as planned there going to be some fun for/from me at Benno's, but that will take some time. A small Xmas-pic while we're waiting for the competition pics (wrong scale, don't know the maker, but the right theme :-D).

tisdag 23 november 2010

Xmas! Competition

Yes! Now I've finished painting the entry to Benno's Xmas competition! Now it's only taking pics left.

Being stupid!

More stupid than usual. The missus sasid I was crazy and had a good laugh when I told her what I've done. What did I do? I contacted the Russian sculptor Alex (at Bennosfigures (hmmm, are there readers here that haven't heard of Benno's? Don't think so.) and asked if he wanted pictures to use. The answer was that he already had an idea (it sounded very good) (I've posted some various pics of myself at Benno's) and didn't need any pics. So I gave him free hands to do what he wanted to do. :-D We will see if there is some result from this.

måndag 22 november 2010

Wash & Go

Never thought I would get anything painted this weekend. Friday evening the missus was unwell (when you can't walk there are other bodyfunctions that doesn't work properly either). Saturday was a little bit better, but she was tired. Sunday I suggested that we buy some Asian food (you get so much it last for days), and I got some painting done. Now it's just washes on the ACWs and building a base for them. (And I'm still working on my blond Bavarian). Looks like I'm being able to join the Xmas-competition and started working on the Valentine-competition too (just out of pic).

fredag 19 november 2010

Back to Gata

Some genuine coats-of-arms I've found at the Danish site "Roskildehistorie". At least as genuine as far as I care. And some personalities too. No painted figs yet but I've got something to work on. The week have been okay between the missus and me, but I'm always afraid of the weekends. We always have too much to do and she always have trouble with me staying home too long (but she won't let me go away either). Hopefully something more painted after the weekend.

måndag 15 november 2010

Some very small progress

... but not on Gata Forest. Working on a little ACW-something too and think I'm going to finish this. But warring with the missus takes very much energy and I've got no time to breath at home. The first thing to give up is the psyche, then it's the body. Feelings? They're still there. At least I have them. She, I don't know. Sigh. Hope it will get better, but I doubt it.

fredag 12 november 2010

Dead Flowers

... is a song by Rolling Stones (pretty good 'un too!), but also my latest competition entry at Benno's Figures. Didn't go very far, but at least 5 votes. Don't know if this one going to Gata Forest or in what state if he's going. Not very fond of this pose, but there is probably use for him somewhere, maybe as a casualty (and then I could call him Blomma and the title would be fine. :-D)

Alternative Dead Flowers

Didn't use this figure in the last competition, used one of Robin Hood's Merry Men instead. The flower in the background don't suffer anymore. I've kept it to remind me that I shall NEVER EVER have flowers at my office. At home they are healthy and allright most of the time and they have never reached this mummified state. Fig is going to be used in Gata Forest, don't know which side yet.

Alternative Little Drummer Boy

This leetle fella got at least 16 votes in a competition at Benno's Figures. I think that was my best result ever. Wasn't happy with the background here so I took others. Some with the vinyl-collection in the background (which I didn't use) and some with a book cover with the Gettysburg-monument on (which I used). Painted about 15 years ago and stored in a box since then.

onsdag 10 november 2010

Time to hibernate!

Unfortunately it is not possible for me hibernate, but I would like to. Last winter was very close to break me and the missus, it started in December. Now it is NOVEMBER and looks like this! Can only hope that it will disappear before April. Blah! :-(

måndag 8 november 2010

One more from Prince August

This is one of Prince August's more common figs. A GNW-Swede. And this is ANCIENT! Moulded when I was about 10 or 11 years old, but painted just about 2 years ago. A flat guy and some people have ARMIES of these. Don't have many of these moulds, just this one and a marching grenadier. For a while you could even buy moulds for castles (gypsum/plaster) for these guys. Don't know how many medieval castles they faced though.

torsdag 4 november 2010

Prince August's Napoleonics

Many many many years ago (middle 1980s) I bought some of Prince August's Napoleonic moulds. Prussian infantry and French artillery. A little stiff poses, but you can make how many you want. These are the ones I painted (have maybe ten unpainted too).

Something else

A while ago (pretty long ago) I was cleaning the cellar and found some old stuff painted long long ago. Airfix Cavalry and some swoppits in the background. And some other Airfix too.

måndag 1 november 2010

Working working working

But not on this battle. Found some genuin Coats-of-arms at a Danish site and going to paint some of the figs like that. But I also work on some other stuff. Sigh, why don't I just stick one thing and finish it? Now I have A LOT of stuff to finish instead. But it is fun and relaxing to paint (just hope the missus finally can understand that).